Surprise Blaze Monthly Dues (Active Players Only) - $75

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  • Age Group: 5th-8th Grades

    Monthly Dues - Register Only If You are an Active Player in the program!

    The Surprise Blaze Club Basketball program has the most affordable and competitive basketball club in the West Valley area!

    Surprise Blaze Club Basketball Monthly Monthly Dues:
    $75.00/month (due the 1st week of each month; $25 late fee will incur after the 15th of each month).

    Surprise Blaze Custom Uniform Package:
    Custom Reversible Uniform (Jersey & Shorts included with registration)
    Score Surprise Blaze Travel Bag Pack (optional)
    Surprise Blaze Shooting Shirt (optional)
    Uniforms must be returned if you become in-active participant either in "Summer Club Ball" or "Fall Club Ball".

    Tournaments and League Play:
    Costs of tournaments and league play will be included in the monthly dues. All expenses for travel are to be covered by the player/parent.

Blaze "Drop-in" Training - $20

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  • Age Group: 4th-8th Grade

    Basketball Training – held 1x a week. Players attend weekly workouts in order to learn advanced basketball skills fundamental. Players go through two hours of circuit training with a controlled scrimmage that is run by our Blaze coaching staff. We will expect all existing and new players attend these workouts. Day(s) and Training times will be determined based on availability of facilities.

Surprise Blaze Club Basketball Registration (New Players) - $150

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  • Age Group: 5th-8th Grades

    Surprise Blaze Club Basketball Registration - New Players Only! Registration includes: Surprise Blaze Jersey & Shorts (Rent), Water Bottle, Summer and Fall Ball Training and Tournament Fees. Monthly dues will begin the next month preceding player registration. **

    $75 Uniform Deposit (check) will be required at the time of registration. Uniforms not returned after leaving the club will result in the check being deposited.

Non-Blaze - "Alacarte" Player Fee & Liability to Play - $50

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  • Please register only if you are participating as a NON-BLAZE player participating in a tournament with the club Surprise Blaze Club Basketball team. Non-Blaze players must adhere to club codes and release any liability from injuries as a result of participating in a sanctioned tournament. Payments must be made prior to participating in the tournament. Uniforms are rental only and must be returned at the end of the tournament. No refunds or otherwise noted due to your participation in this tournament.