Surprise Blaze Info.

Welcome to Surprise Blaze Club Basketball!  The Surprise Blaze Club Basketball program is a member of Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). We will offer year round competitive basketball for boys and girls in 5th thought 8th grades; expansion to other grade levels will happen in the near future.  Our goal is to be one the most successful and organized AAU programs in the Arizona’s West Valley area to teach your son or daughter basketball fundamentals.  

We offer an upfront all "inclusive" package that includes tournament fees and safe practice facilities with no added surprise fees collected from players beyond our monthly fees!  

Costs includes:

  • High Level Tournaments
  • Tournament Fees
  • Practice Facilities
  • Administrative Costs
  • Club Hub Communication via App
  • Advanced Skills Training

Recruiting Players for the following divisions for the 2018-19 Tournament Season:    

5th Grade Boys      6th Grade Boys      7th Grade Boys      7th Grade Girls

Basketball Club Training
We're excited to provide a weekly training for 4th – 8th grade boys or girls that focuses on developing the complete player. You will develop shooting, ball handling, passing, footwork, defense, rebounding, athleticism, and other essential skills to become a great a basketball player. 

Weeks:  4 - 6 Weeks Training - Varies from Month to Month

Fee:  $50 - $150 depending on the number of weeks offered 

Drop-In Training per session:  $20 per player

Training Site:  To Be Announced           Times:  6:30 - 8:30 p.m.  - Tuesday Evenings

Surprise Blaze Club Training and Tournament Play Information 
Trainings AND High-Level Tournaments PLUS League Play (optional)
Surprise Blaze Club Basketball program is based on skills training and tournament play: 
Cost to Play: 
AAU Yearly Fee Required:  $16 (includes practice insurance certificate)

Our AAU 2016 club code is WYW76D

Blaze Training 
Registration Fee (includes all of the following): 

Club Practice - held 1x a week on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Designated as team practices to review plays along with offensive and defensive strategies.  This will be a mandatory practice in order to participate in the upcoming tournament.  Missed practices will result in dismissal from the club without refunds. Please see Coach Hardy if there are conflicts with practices.

Basketball Training – held 1x a week on Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  Players attend weekly workouts in order to learn advanced basketball skills fundamental.  Players go through two hours of training with a controlled scrimmage that is run by our Blaze coaching staff. We will expect all existing and new players attend these workouts.  Day(s) and Training times will be determined based on availability of facilities.
Varies from $50 - $150 (Register Online) / $20 Drop-in (per player)

  • Basketball Training – 1x per week.
  • 4-6 Weeks of Fall-Winter-Spring Training for 2 Hours (October-May).
  • Summer Training (June-July) - 1x per week.
  • No Tournaments or Leagues.
  • Players outside of the Blaze training program are allowed to participate in our workouts for a fee of $20.00 per player

New Blaze Players – Fall-Winter-Spring Ball (Training + Tournaments)
Registration Fee (includes all of the following): 
$150.00 (Register Online)

  • Includes Tournaments and Training Sessions.
  • League Play - additional costs.
  • Must be registered with AAU.
  • August – May Basketball Training – 1x per week.
  • August - May Team Practices - 1x per week.
  • Rental - Surprise Blaze Reversible Jersey + Shorts (Red / Black / White).
  • Surprise Blaze T-Shirt (optional to puchase).
  • Monthly dues will be collected by the 15th of EACH MONTH.
  • Club Hub Invite (Communication / News / Tournament Info).
  • Uniform deposit of $75 (separate check given to Lorna Romero) upon registering for club.

Club Tournament Teams (Per Division): 
Maximum of (8-10) players per team to allow players an opportunity to receive proper playing time.  A minimum of (6) players will be needed to participate in a tournament.

Existing Blaze Players
Players will have to pay their monthly dues to participate in training, tournaments, and league play.
$75.00 (Payable to Surprise Blaze)

  • Includes Tournaments (local and statewide).
  • Exclude League Fees (optional - addition cost to each player).
  • Must be registered with AAU.
  • August - May Basketball Training Sessions – 1x per week.
  • August - May Team Practices - 1x per week.
  • Surprise Blaze T-Shirt (optional to purchase).
  • Monthly dues will be collected the 15th of EACH MONTH.
  • Team App Invite (Communication / News / Tournament Info).

Surprise Blaze Club Basketball Registration Online Payments  - Click Here!

What we offer:

  • Committed to ensure our fees are low and competitive with all clubs across the West Valley.
  • Registration fee includes a reversible jersey and shorts (Rental - Property of Surprise Blaze).
  • Fundraising through food sales percentages and not car washes.
  • Exclusive High-Level Tournaments plus training sessions included - no charge to club players.
  • Summer Basketball Training held 1x per week.
  • Highly qualified training basketball coaches.
  • (2) High Level Tournaments per month (local).
  • Optional leauge play throughout the year (not included in monthly fee).

Please feel free to contact with questions or information about our programs!